Jackie Werner

Daytona Beach, Florida


Jackie is certified with Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Nutrition Specialist and Raw Personal Trainer. She also took a two day cooking class (Fundamentals) given by Elaina Love and Alicia Ojeda, and attended a class by Jackie and Gideon Graff from the "Sprout Raw Food" in Roswell, GA.

Jackie really enjoys raw foods and likes to help people who are interested in learning about raw food. She loves juicing and creating raw dishes.

What is the raw-vegan diet?   Jackie feels, "It consists of raw and living foods, sprouts, nuts, and seeds, and sprouted grains.  No dairy, animal products, caffeine, white flour, white sugar, white salt.  Nothing dehydrated above 110 degrees.  No highly processed foods, preservatives, chemicals, additives, etc."

How did you get interested in the diet?  "I was on vacation in the Florida Keys and saw an advertisement for a raw food cooking class while I was shopping in a health food store.  I went and took a class with Rita Romano in Key West, and loved the food.  I also loved the glow she had and her beautiful skin.  I then went and heard lectures by Paul Nison and David Wolf twice.  I also attended a raw retreat with David Wolf and Kerrie Cushing in Georgia.  I also took a two day cooking class (Fundamentals) given by Elaina Love and Alicia Ojeda.  I also took a class by the Graffs from the Sprout Cafe.  I have also attended a lecture by Brenda Cobb.  I loved them all."


What do you eat in a day typically?  A typical menu for Jackie could include wheat grass juice, green juice, fruit, salads, sea vegetables, dehydrated crackers, avocado, nuts or seeds.  And maybe banana ice cream or a raw pie.

How can people benefit from your services?  Jackie loves talking about and teaching  the benefits of raw foods and juices.  She loves preparing them as well.  She also does sprouting at home and grows wheatgrass


Do you need help transitioning to the raw vegan lifestyle, or  hands on with food preparation, Jackie is available to help in the Daytona Beach and surrounding areas.


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