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Welcome to the

      Home of Raw Vegan Lifestyle         

      Irene Barrett RN, BA,

Ottawa, Canada

Certified by   

The Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education

  as Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Nutrition Specialist

            Raw Food Chef, and Personal Trainer


At the Home of Raw Vegan Lifestyle I would like to introduce you to 

         the diet we are designed for, the one we were ordained at the moment

         of our creation. I will inspire you to get motivated, answer your 

         questions, help you make informed choices so that you can achieve

         your optimum health and vitality.


         I am available for e-mail consultations world wide. We all want to be

         happy, live life free of disease and pain, maintain our inner mental

         landscape. You have the power of decision that can better your  

         condition of existence, and I can help in the domain of Raw Vegan

         Lifestyle. You can e-mail me with your questions and concerns at