transformational healing and well being

Suzanne Glasper

Los Angeles, CA

    Having noticed the positive benefits Suzanne has gained through eating raw foods she would love to help other people heal through introducing raw into their diet. her goal is not to make everyone 100% raw but rather reach out to as many people as possible to teach how even adding a bit more raw to their diet would be health giving.
Suzanne has a special interest in counseling those who have made poor diet choices through lack of information and so are consequently sick, tired, or depressed. She is very passionate about the mind/body/spirit connection and is interested in working with yoga/nutrition/healing on a one to one basis.
    Suzanne had been vegetarian for many years, then gradually transitioned to vegan and has been raw for over a year now. She has always been sensitive and felt the need to start eliminating certain foods such as wheat, dairy and sugar from her diet. This was due to reoccurring Candida that made her introduce more raw foods into her diet. Since transitioning to raw she has maintained an 80-100% raw diet depending on the season.

    Suzanne has also been studying yoga for many years and is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher and has a keen interest in overcoming physical challenges in the body. She is also a professional dancer/teacher with years of experience working with children and adults, a certified reiki practioner and intuitive healer.

Suzanne's Qualifications:
**Certified Nutrition Specialist, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef and Raw Personal Trainer with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education.  **Royal academy of dance certified teacher (London,Uk)  **Imperial society of dance -associate ballet  **Imperial society of dance applied anatomy and physiology applied to teaching dance
diploma in dance  **RSA aerobics (certified London ,UK)  **Rreiki level 1 and 2
Suzanne's interests:
**meditation   **angel meet up group run by IPM (have been group leader for this program)   **metaphysical studie  **dance and choreography  **yoga