Faeyh's Lifetime Solutions

Faye has  been raw for about 10 yrs.--seriously for the last 3 (about 75%). Her strengths in working with people is due to the fact she has had  many years in retail ----running a health food store. She enjoys helping people feel better, look better and be healthier--which makes them feel more alive emotionally and opens up their spiritual life to new possibilities.

Faye has 25 years experience in the natural food business. She is a teacher of natural foods cooking  personal chef, and a fitness trainer. She offers you solutions in your pursuit to achieve your personal best in all areas of health and beauty.

Faye  would be very happy to talk with anyone who is even considering making a change in their diet --whatever their reasons. She offers the service of guiding you through your transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a way of eating that is full of life giving foods. You will see such changes in your physical person and health, your only  thought will be that you should have made the decision to go raw sooner.

On a raw-vegan diet the possibilities of your creating optimum health are endless.
Faye will help you to construct a food plan that is right for you, since we are all unique, so to are our food requirements.


For more information pleases e-mail Faye: faeyh@aol.com or call 239-434-7421



Faye Hunt is Certified by Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education (E.I.L.F.E.) as a Raw Food Nutritionist, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef, and Raw Personal Trainer.




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