Derek Fry

Madison, Wisconsin


Derek had suffered from the symptoms of Crohns, Colitis, IBD and Acid Reflux along with other major pain during flare ups on a weekly or by-weekly basis. He has been on a long road to recovery finally finding the raw food diet through Gabriel Cousins' movie 'Simply Raw'. After intensive internet research, 'The China Study', watching numerous videos and documentaries he has changed for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Derek is the success story with Colitis. He has had a few diagnosis with the final and worst being Crohns/Colitis and removal of the colon with a bag out the side and all. Well, he said no to that and steroids over 10 years ago and killed most of the symptoms first with probiotics, then diet and blood type science. Then after still having symptoms weekly, in Dec 09 he watched "Simply Raw" and that was it. After a month eating totally organic and raw vegan, Derek was symptom free. He continues with his love of food preparation onto becoming a raw chef, opening an establishment and most importantly for Derek he is learning how to effectively bring people to health through a raw vegan diet from a SAD diet. 
Derek is gaining the knowledge to be able to help people make healthy eating choices and perhaps to cure themselves of some common ailment by making a valuable lifestyle choice, so in the future he will be able to offer more services .


Derek is certified with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist