C:\Users\Toshiba\Pictures\CD Butterfly.jpgI am a vibrant, energetic 30-year-old yoga teacher with boundless energy, I believe my positive approach to making changes my own life will surely open people’s minds to changing their state of being only to experience evolution of the mind body and spirit. 

I began my journey into raw foods June 2004.    After being vegetarian for 14 years, I was curious as to how I could go deeper in to my health, basically I was seeking self through health.  The physical, emotional and spiritual highs I felt through my various cleanses was something I wanted to achieve on a daily basis.  I wanted every moment to feel that lightness and level of raw energy simply cannot be found through any other means.

I am currently living in Tulum, a small touristic town in the Mayan Riviera where yoga enthusiasts abound.  I am teaching Yoga in two different locations on the beach and beginning Raw Food Nutritional Counselling, and Food Preparation Classes for beginners in December.  If you are in the Mayan Riviera and interested in some Tropical Raw Food, or taking part in one of the courses please e-mail me at tastetheflavorsofdiversity@yahoo.ca

Infinite Blessings and Divine Healing

Darlene Sparling


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