Knead a Friend


Mary Jean D’Agostini  

Caspian, MI

(Available in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsulas)

Mary Jean has been an LPN for 42 years. Caring for others and not herself was catching up to her.  Mary Jean  needed to make some changes.  About 9 years ago she learned about raw food from her massage therapy instructor.  He had been on the board of Creative Health Institute in Michigan and encouraged her to visit them. Mary Jean's interest was piqued and she ordered the home program.  When she was able to get away and attended their two week detox and hands-on food preparation course.   

With Mary Jean's background in healthcare, her research and presentation rang true to her. She decided to take a two week challenge to be raw.  Her energy level doubled in those two weeks, and noticed she wasn't stiff anymore, and her GERD was gone. Wow!  Mary Jean was sold.  It took some time for transitioning, but 4 years ago she decided make the leap to 100% raw and she hasn't looked back. 

Mary Jean's strengths come from her experience in nursing, as a massage therapist and as a raw-fooder, along with her communication and persuasion skills. She also has a good rapport with people and has a knack to adjust her presentation to meet  each individual's level of understanding.

Mary Jean  is available for one-on-one coaching and Massage Therapy.  Occasionally she will have couples in her home or travel to give presentations to groups of people.  This has all been through word of mouth.  She is excited now to join the Raw Vegan Network to expand her boundaries in sharing raw food with her community as well as extended community. 


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