Christine Houben

Paris, France


October 2013, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor which is named a ‘benign low-grade Glioma’. I am followed by wonderful scientific doctors who performed a brain surgery in February 2014. I was kept awake for three hours during the approximately seven-hour surgery. The surgery was an attempt to remove this large brain tumor, which was causing me to have epileptic seizures. Because of exactly where this tumor is located (behind my left eye), they were only able to remove about 40% of it. Today I still suffer from occasional epilepsy.

What delights me is that Nutrition as well as Naturopathic and/or Homeopathic treatments are not just complimentary to my situation, they are necessary to improve and help my daily life. To this day, I am living proof of this.

I take this reasoning a step further in saying that I do believe I can eventually be cured of the tumor which is currently in my brain, because even if the tumor doesn’t magicaly evaporate or dissapear, it is now scientifically proven that we can ‘help’ the tumor move to a better location under the skull, where neurosurgeons would be more able to surgically remove it – without damaging potential language or any other skills which are controlled by our brain. I urge you to see Dr. William Li, a neurosurgeon, explain this in an excellent 20 minute talk : .  

My radical Lifestyle change, which took place following the original diagnosis, has put Raw Food, Nutrition (generally speaking), Meditation, Calm and Pure Happiness into an even more important place in my personal life than it has ever been in before.

Knowing that I am certified and now have a variety of Diplomas and Certificates makes me very happy to be able to officially help others.

Thus, anyone confronted with diseases can also be assisted and helped. Since I myself have been going on with the tumor I (still) have, I feel everyone with Health issues should be positively supported. In addition, they must understand the complimentary (and important !) importance which nutrition has on their body and cancer cells.  


I am a Certified Raw Food Chef, Trained Health and Wellness Consultant, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Contsultant from the AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates).

Despite my treatments I continue to work and I am currently going through certification to complete training in Holistic Health Practice and Iridology.


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