Candace Dace-Randle

Princeton/DeKalb, IL



Candace has  a BA in Anthropology.  Her specialization is in medical/nutritional anthropology and has a minor in women's studies.  She thinks these give her a unique voice to the raw food arena and access to many forgotten or neglected studies that have accidentally supported the raw foods diet.  She has been keenly aware of the correlation between food and health since about the age of 10 when her body started to decline.  Candace knows that it's weird to say her body degenerated at a time when it was supposed to be growing, but it's the truth.  At that time she developed strong allergies, horrible skin conditions, and weight problems.  All of those led to vegetarian and vegan diets.  However, it was not until a sports-related injury turned absolute nightmare (a diagnosis of RSD with the threat of amputation) that her vegan diet quickly gave way to a raw vegan diet.  Candace has been a 100% raw vegan for about three years now. She spent one year transitioning to a raw diet prior to that. 

        Candace loves coming up with new recipes and helping other people get healthy. She is also available for phone consultations.


Candace is certified by Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Chef , Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist