Bridget Perry

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Hi there! My name is Bridget Marie Perry and I would love to inspire you with the life style that has changed my life! This lifestyle has turned an old dead leaf into a beautiful one bursting with life and love.  It has been an ongoing struggle for me to be completely RAW but I have FINALLY reached that point. It took me 5 years to get there! So don’t be hard on your self EVER because there is no such thing as failing in this amazing lifestyle. I would eat completely RAW for 1 week, then go back to vegan, then go back to eating meat, then back to RAW and all over the place in different orders and numbers. I truly believe that it was a representation of my life at that time! Now that I have finally found the things that have helped me to lead a very balanced life, I am now able to balance RAW food so that I don’t get intense cravings; ups and downs and I no longer count calories! Balance is ESSENTIAL in life and RAW food. RAW food has had a major impact in me finding my balance. They work together as a team. Raw food has given me the energy I needed to journey to spiritual health and physical wealth! Along with the RAW lifestyle, I incorporate Bikram yoga, other types of yoga and meditation. I have learned to control my thought processes, to just be and love. I believe in order to change your life, you need to do at least 3-5 different positive changes to succeed, so for me it was RAW food, Yoga, Meditation, controlling thought processes and eliminating anyone in my life that was toxic to my well being. When you do a conjunction of self-improvements, you will succeed!


I am a RAW chef. I make beautiful RAW deserts, my favorite one being RAW Key lime Pie. I learned myself and have been making all sorts of wonderful RAW dishes for the past 3 years! It’s a lot of trial and error. It would have really helped if I took some “cooking” classes or had someone that knew what they were doing around. I learned the hard way, but sure enough, finally I know what I am doing and don’t even need recipe books to whip up an amazing RAW dish. I freestyle it! I know a lot about the RAW lifestyle and I am confident that I can help anyone that is interested in it. I want to help and I want to inspire you! I want to help get you to your goal and beyond. I just know how much this way of life has changed me. My whole appearance is better then ever and I feel “high on life” all the time. I jump out of bed in the morning so excited to make a green juice and go workout. I love life and everything it has to offer and since I have the skill of being RAW, I can say NO to anything that I know is not good for my well being. Please join the RAW journey with me and let me inspire you!