Betty Arline

Philadelphia, PA


 For one-on-one help Betty is available in the immediate Philadelphia and Suburban areas and parts of Southern New Jersey, and anywhere in the tri state area for phone consultations. She is available to help those who are seeking optimum health,  to provide answers to questions about the raw diet and its benefits, and to give suggestions of reading materials .

 Anyone wanting to move towards a healthier way of eating (be it raw, vegan or vegetarian) or just wanting to implement more fruits and vegetables as a start, Betty is able to assist. For those who do not have access to a gym and want to know what they can do at home to start an exercise routine, let Betty get you started. Anyone needing help with the social aspects of being raw in the workplace and among family and friends, Betty is available to help.

Betty has been raw for 1 1/2 years, plans on staying 100% raw and to continue  educating herself about raw nutrition and the raw lifestyle.  Because of the many years that she was a vegetarian,  then vegan, and now raw, Betty feels her experience will help make it easier for those who wish to transition to the raw way of eating. 

Betty feels there are many vegetarians who do not know how to properly eat a vegetarian diet nor understand why they are overweight and still have health problems.  She is be able to fully explain this and the importance of organic raw fruits and vegetables in our every day existence.


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Betty is certified with Ekaya Institute of Raw Food Education as a Raw Personal Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist.