Raw Mission

Denise Andras

Beverly Hills, FL

Available in Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, Ocala, Citrus County, and surrounding areas in Florida.


Transitioning to a Raw Vegan diet is the path of realigning our body, mind, and spirit with the Laws of nature.  Support, information, and preparation are crucial in making this transition smooth and lasting.







We are available for telephone and email consultations.   We are available to help you develop a daily living plan including the raw diet, exercise, and spiritual renewal.  We can guide you to live the raw food lifestyle at whatever level you desire. While some are only curious, others are ready to make a full commitment to a healthier life through a radical change in their own choices, we are there no matter where you personally fall into the spectrum!



Contact us at: rawmission@jademission.com





(Denise Andras is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education (EILFE) as a Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Food Chef and Raw Personal Trainer.)



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