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Special offer from Jingee and Storm Talifero of “” for $20.00 (USD)


Jinjee and Storm are pleased to offer "Breakthrough" a documentary about a raw vegan family on DVD! This is a beautiful film with a peaceful pace bringing you into the Talifero home. You'll meet the children and see their daily activities, playing music together, creating animations, and making and eating raw vegan food. You'll see a doctor's visit for a regular checkup for the kids and an interesting talk with the doctor. You'll see Storm's nephew shed 75 excess lbs. over a four month span on raw foods.  You'll see Storm's 29 year old son Snow climbing a seven story cliff face with no ropes, showing the raw lifestyle as an ideal diet for the extreme athlete. Storm tells wonderful stories about his family and in his narration of this film he brings a unique clarity and conviction to this way of living. I believe that people who see this film will walk away with a renewed passion for the raw vegan lifestyle!


Vickie has completed an exciting new e-book "Mostly Raw Recipes".  Need help getting started with incorporating healthy raw food choices into your diet? These recipes are to help you get started on and maintain the raw vegan lifestyle.  Put together an entire holiday feast or a light meal.  The majority of these recipes are from raw food classes taught by Vickie.   Only $14.95!!! Click here to order


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