Fitness Through Lifestyle
Nancy Travers

Certified Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Food Chef, Raw Personal Trainer, and Raw Lifestyle Coach
Cleveland, Ohio

Nancy has been on a high raw lifestyle for about 3 years.  She can help you in your journey to rawdom. She believes that each individual's journey is different and has to be looked at from a new perspective as to what will work for each person.  If you are looking for help with fitness and exercise contact Nancy!

Nancy is available for telephone consultations and is ready for one-on-one counseling in the Cleveland area.  She is family oriented and is willing to work at raw food retreats and in the right circumstances is available to travel/tour as a personal raw chef/trainer.

Nancy is available as a Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Chef, Raw Personal Trainer, and Raw Lifestyle Coach in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

(Nancy Travers is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Chef, Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Raw Nutrition Specialist)