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Here are testimonies from Raw Vegan Network Members

These materials are so great! About the way I found your site: I knew I needed deeper study and also the certificate. Your site was just the first one what the Google search offered. And comparing to other ones I really liked it most (suitable prize, 4 certifications and also the variety of themes and knowledge you offered). Everything just like I had dreamed. But I took some days to think about it. Then happened something amazing. One night I woke up from the dream where your school or course was literally calling me to come and study! It was like a sign from above. A big hint to decide!!! And I enjoy these materials really. Thank you for such a wonderful course! E. A., Estonia


I am opening a Raw Vegan cafe. I am so excited! I have nutrition clients and speak to so many people! I am changing lives daily and its thanks to the amazing education your course has provided! Thank you so much! God bless you and your family! M. P., N.Y.

Hi Ed and Vickie, I love the material for the course, it was very insightful. I especially love the section on herbal and juicing remedies. Raw is relatively new to me but something I'm passionate about and know deep in my soul it's something I will continue to do. P.C., Canada

Vickie, my business is doing great and Iíve added much since I became a member. I am truly blessed and so thankful. Thanks for all you do. --C.A. , Georgia

Dear Vickie, Thank you for your prayer of healing towards me. I appreciate that. I am thankful to God for people like yourself who believe in him and in his healing and are doing his work here on earth (your raw vegan network and books and your living food recipes). I am glad that I am part of this network. I hope that you continue to prosper through this network and get more members to join. Continue with your faith in God, it is good to know that there are living foods people who are Christian and Christ like. Thank you. C.W. --Kansas


I don't even know where to start. This material is so good. I am now a nutritionist for almost 15 years but his course is very powerful. --N. K., California


Hi Vickie, thank you ever so much!  This has been such a wonderful way to get certified.  I appreciate all the hard work that you do at the RVN.  --M. M.  California


Aloha Vicky,  Just a quick message to say that your study course is wonderful.  I was so into it last evening truly enjoying the information that I could not stop reading but finally had to make myself close the folder after finishing week one & week two course! I found myself high lighting with the marker a lot!!!  I'm very thankful for finding your program.  In a faith way, I was meant to find you.  This is what I was looking for to further complete my goals.

 I wish to thank you for your wonderful course.  Very informative and written clearly.  I wish you and Ed continuous success journey in helping others to become certified and broaden your Network ministry.  If ever you & Ed decides to visit our beautiful Island in the near future, please contact me because I would love to meet you both. Mahalo nui loa, R.T.W.C., Hawaii


I just completed your Raw Food Course and can't even begin to tell you how
much I loved it.  I would like to thank you both for a wonderfully educating
course.  The suggested books and articles were amazing and I refer my
clients to read them also.--K. H. , California


I have an absolute thirst for knowledge about raw, and I found this course helped quench this thirst. I know I will refer back to the text many times as a point of reference. --S. J., Queensland, Australia


I have just completed the Raw Vegan Network's Online Certification Course
 and would like to comment on how amazing I thought it was. I have been a raw
 vegan for just over one year and wanted to complete the course in order to
 start a small internet based business and to reaffirm my dietary belief's.
 The course has not only provided me with the knowledge needed to educate,
 train, coach and prepare raw foods but has also helped me to eat more
intuitively, using simple raw foods. For this I thank you.

I very much look forward to working with the Raw Vegan Network and would
 like, once again, to thank you for such an informative, thought provoking

--N.W., Middlesex, England

The course was really informative.  I am really glad I made this investment.
--A. R. , Arizona


Thanks for the info...RVN is a great system. --J. D. , California


Hi Vickie and Ed,  Thanks for sending out the letters and everything. I have received some calls and am following up with them. It was great that I got such a quick response. I'm impressed! And now busier than ever. Wow it Works to Work with You! --D. C. , California

Vickie! I'm so glad we "met". Perhaps you are paving the way for other believers (like me).--Y. R. , Israel


Dear Vickie & Ed, Thanks so much for your dedication to Raw Education. I think your program was very thorough and helpful, I learned so much.  I also appreciate all the helpful hints and extra's you offered.  Great price for all you included. Many blessings to you, J. M.,  MI


Thanks Ya'll
I enjoyed the info so much. Already feeling better.  -- E. R. , Louisiana


Dearest Vickie,
Thanks always for referring people (in need) to me
(for the NY area). --P. F. , New York


R. here from way up in the North Country. The Raw
lifestyle is going well. I am really starting to feel the changes now. I am
getting comments like, "your hair is so shiny, or what are you using on your
skin, are you whitening your teeth." So those things are nice, but what I
didn't expect was the emotional ramifications of this way of living. I am
not sure how to even describe it, except to say that is seems to eliminate
fear. I am definitely calmer, and thinking about doing things I would only
have had the courage to do in my 20's. It is great to feel better
physically, but that does not hold a candle to the ever present feeling of
peace and connectedness. Even the people I work with are noticing this. I
was a little reactive to say the least, whenever I was stressed. My bosses
say it is nice that I am trying to see the upside of everything. I laugh and
tell them I am not trying, this diet just allows me to see the truth. Of
course, being the devoted carnivores they are, they kind of roll their eyes
and nod politely. But I know that after a few months and it doesn't change
they will put a little more faith in it. I am off coffee now and that is
something I never even had a desire to do. One day it just stopped tasting
good to me. I  thought," Why am I drinking something that tastes so yucky?"
 Thank you so much for being one of the few that had the courage and
the wisdom to go against the grain. --R. M. , Ontario, Canada