Vanessa Sherwood

Certified Raw Chef and Raw Lifestyle Coach
Chicago, IL



Question:  What is the raw-vegan diet?

Vanessa:  A diet based on raw organic fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds.

Question: What is it you do in the field of raw foods exactly? 

Vanessa:  I am a personal raw foods chef for people who donít have the time or the know how to prepare raw foods on their own.  I also help people make transitions from a cooked diet to a raw diet. 

Question:  How did you get interested in the diet? 

Vanessa:  Iíve been a vegetarian all of my life.  I was raised that way.  Iím always interested in finding new ways to improve my health.  Even being a vegetarian, one can have a not so healthy diet filled with lots of dairy products and sugar and white flour etc.  I wanted to find someway to include more vegetables in my diet but in an exciting and different way.  The raw foods diet has enabled me to do so.

Question:  What do you eat in a day typically? 

Vanessa:  In the morning I might have some coconut milk mixed with Natures First Food.  Then typically Iíll eat some fruit either on itís own or in a smoothie.  For lunch I might have some pecan pate with lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, sprouts etc.  Dinner might be raw pasta or a salad of some sort.  I do have a sweet tooth and like certain raw desserts like coconut flan which is delicious and a chocolate pudding made out of avocados. 

Question:  How can people benefit from your services? 

Vanessa:  People will benefit by hopefully improving their health little by little.  Itís an ongoing process and not something that is done overnight.

Question:  Where can people get more information about what you do?

Vanessa:  People can look up my website or call me.