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Squash Flowers


* makes 3 servings


ingredients: 1 bundle of squash flowers

                    4-5 pcs of moringa (malunggay) pods

                    sprigs oregano and onion leeks

                    2 pcs chopped ripe tomatoes

                    dash of salt (or fish sauce) and pepper to taste


Seasoning and sauce: 1 pc green mango pureed



1. wash squash flowers and remove stamen. slice stems of squash flowers. drain well

2. break malunggay pods into 3 pcs and scrape the flesh using a spoon or knife

3. mix squash flowers, moringa pods, chopped tomatoes. Sprinkle tarragon and onion leeks

4. season with salt and pepper

5. drizzle green mango puree over dish.






Banana Nori


* makes 4 servings


ingredients: 6 pcs banana (lakatan variety)

                    nori sheets


sauce: 3 tablespoons soy sauce

          1 thumb sized ginger, grated

          1 small radish, grated             

          1 teaspoon sesame oil

          juice of 1 lemon or 4 pcs calamansi




1. slice banana into quarters.

2. wrap it around the nori sheets

3. dip it in sauce.




Tropical Slaw


* makes 4 servings


ingredients: 2 cups noodle like fresh young coconut meat

                   1 cup fresh pineapple, chopped

                   1/4 cup raisins

                   1 pc red bell pepper, chopped

                   lettuce leaves


sauce: 1 small slice ripe papaya

           2 small slices of pineapple (or guyabano)

           3 tablespoons sesame oil

          1 small clove garlic

          1/4 cup buco juice or water

          *(this sauce makes a lot and can be stored to be used for other recipes)




1. Toss ingredients together. Blend sauce ingredients and drizzle over slaw.







Pad Thai


* serves 4 persons


ingredients: 2 cups noodle like fresh young coconut meat

                    lettuce leaves

                   1 med size red bell pepper, chopped

                  1/4 cup chopped cilantro

                  1/8 cup choped basil leaves

                   rice paper( follow instructions on package)


Sauce: same in Tropical Slaw




1. toss all ingredients and spoon enough servings on a sheet of rice paper. Roll as in making lumpia

2. drizzle sauce.






Pechay Leaves


serves 3



Ingredients: 3 cups chopped pechay leaves

                    1 med sized bell pepper, julienne (cut into strips)


sauce: same as Tropical slaw



1. Mix all ingredients and pour sauce.





Okra Asparagus


serves 3


ingredients: 5-6 pcs okra, chopped into rings

                    asparagus, chopped

                    1/2 cup fresh pineapple

                    1/4 cup raisins

                         sprigs of chopped tarragon (optional)


sauce: green mango puree




1. toss all ingredients and drizzle sauce.








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