Laura Cruger Fox

Love Light Creations & Oasis Health Center

 Serving Globally and Nationally through the Web and
Locally in Central Virginia and Fredericksburg, Virginia

Mission Statement:
We believe living bodies function best when fed living foods.
All living creatures eat "light" trapped in living foods.
Plants and fruits contain an abundance of living
light, i.e., the perfect food for human beings.
We conduct workshops and lectures on the living foods lifestyle,
including practical instruction on growing sprouts, wheat grass and indoor
greens. We teach food preparation classes focusing on  preparing gourmet
foods from live, raw plant foods~ everything from simple salads to
"five-star restaurant-worthy" gourmet desserts, side
dishes, appetizers and entrees.
We are available for personal consultations
in person, via telephone and via email.

We love and accept you where you are, helping you to take the
next step and create a workable plan to manifest a diet and lifestyle
that works for you and takes you to the next level of your potential.

We create products for your ongoing education and enlightenment
regarding raising your vibration with raw and living foods
and transitioning gracefully to a healthier natural diet!

We also help set up kitchens for the raw, living food lifestyle
and/or for the integration of more raw and living foods into your lifestyle.
This includes cleaning out the cabinets, trips with you to the health food store,
building and installing custom sprouting shelves,
and personal training for raw food prep.

Life comes from Life~
Live well!


Laura Cruger Fox (Richmond)
Member, The Raw Vegan Network,
Certified Raw Foods Lifestyle Coach and Raw Chef

and Jarle Brors (Fredericksburg)
Certified Minister of Health,
The Hippocrates Health Institute
(540) 899-0537