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Richard Adkins
Las Vegas, Nevada



Certified Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Nutrition Specialist, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Personal Trainer



       Richard  has been an avid raw foodist for fifteen years who has discovered the health benefits of eating raw.  He is ready to help you transition to a raw lifestyle for better health.  Whether your need is a raw food chef, raw nutrition specialist, raw lifestyle coach, or a personal trainer Richard is the right choice for one on one and group instruction in the Las Vegas area. 

       If you live in the Las Vegas area and have a swimming pool let Richard be your personal water aerobics instructor   Find out the great health benefits or water exercise.  He can provide clients across the United States with packaged, live whole raw foods, and whole food nutrition in convenient forms from

       Richard is willing to speak at your health food store, business or organization on the benefits of excellent nutrition and health.  His seminars on raw food and the power of fruits and vegetables will help others discover the easiest and best way to outstanding health.

            Richard is available for telephone consultations with anyone in the United States.  

       If you need more information about what Richard has to offer visit his other sites at:, and

    (Richard Adkins is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Chef, Lifestyle Coach, Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer)


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