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Different people have different dietary goals. Some desire to be 100% raw, some want to learn how to integrate more raw foods into their diets, and many people fall in-between these two extremes. Although we do like to tell people about the benefits of a 100% raw diet we are also acutely aware that this is not for everyone. Many people feel that a 100% raw diet cannot fit in to their lifestyle for social, work, or family reasons. And many people simply do not wish to give up certain comfort foods. Some of these people will change their minds after a time of becoming more familiar with and aware of the delicious flavors inherent in living foods. Even eating a little bit more living food in your diet will make you a lot healthier. Eating 99% raw will make you a lot healthier. Eating 100% raw will give you a level of health that borders on the supernatural! It isn't supernatural though. It is just the natural state of health. But because the un-natural Standard American Diet appears natural, then the natural (raw diet) appears supernatural.



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