Zita Goldmann Maloschik

Thousand Oaks, CA


"Get to tomorrow first"

When Zita was a child, every summer she went on vacation (1958-1972) to her Grandparents house and they were growing everything in their farm. Zita and her Grandpa had a book that they kept every fruit and vegetable names and flowers (dried out). She remembers eating in the garden whole tomatoes, potatoes and onions, drying out apricots seeds and cracking  them to eat, etc.....It was a great feeling for her to complete this course, because she always wanted to have this type of knowledge to teach people a better way to live, and showing new ways to eat and enjoy nature's gift.

People can learn from Zita to care for themselves, what to get from the market, what type of dishes to prepare for themselves and their families, so they don't need to see the doctor more then once a year and they don't need to spend money on medicines. Nature has everything we need. Zita  educates on "healthy body = healthy mind = happy and long life".

 Zita is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education (E.I.L.F.E.) as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Personal Trainer, and as a health minister with Hallelujah Acres.