Carla Michelle, HHC,AADP

Staten Island, New York 

Carla and her young daughter have been raw vegans since May 2005.  As a Certified Raw Chef, Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Nutrition Specialist she is available in New York City (all five boroughs), New Jersey, Connecticut, and Puerto Rico for all in need of help in lifestyle adjustments.  Her strengths include speaking to, motivating and influencing people for the good.  Since 2001 Carla's has developed her talents in food preparation skills, technique, theory and food combining knowledge with the help of her husband (a professional chef).  Carla is offering a 6 week coaching program called Health Blitz designed to introduce people to raw foods and overall holistic health. Following this program, Carla will be offering a 30 Days to Raw Immersion program.  Help is just a phone call ( 212-461-4758) or email (

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