Elissa (EJ) Shames
Vancover, BC

Certified Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Nutrition Specialist, and Raw Lifestyle Coach



For more information about  EJ's coaching, cheffing, classes and Wild Food Walks 

you can reach her at or

or by phone at 250-884-7535




As a Raw Food Educator and Lifestyle Coach,  EJ offers information and support to people who are interested in learning more about adding more elements of the raw food lifestyle into their busy lives. She  shares tips, recipes, encouragement, and helps people attain the goals they wish to achieve in terms of health and diet.

Through her companies, Rawkidfuel and nOsh In, EJ educates children, adults, teens, seniors and pregnant moms how to add more raw foods to their diets in a fun and easy to accomplish way.

 As a Personal Chef, EJ has over  20 years experience in creating beautiful, nutritious meals made specifically with the needs of her clients in mind. Developing meals for families, intimate dinners, parties, or office lunches are just some of the ways she can offer her chefffing services.

As a Raw Nutrition Specialist, EJ is keenly aware of the health benefits a raw food lifestyle can bring. She has studied the field of nutrition for over 25 years and is constantly learning more through workshops, seminars, studying and research to bring her clients all the most up to date information on nutrition and wellness.

EJ has been interested in food and nutrition since she was 12.  Cooking food was exciting and fun for her! She loved the way things flowed together. As she practiced and tested more, EJ learned how her body felt when she was eating certain foods. EJ started on her vegetarian journey when she was 16, and continued to grow in her knowledge through self study.

As she continued learning, EJ started to educate others on the benefits of healthy, unprocessed foods. It was not easy, there was much resistance to what she was offering! However, she persisted!

As time went by EJ varied the foods in her diet to include less and less processed foods. What seemed acceptable at one time, was no longer acceptable after learning what was in it, or how it made her body feel.

In May 2006, EJ woke up one day having a sense that she needed to eat only unprocessed foods entirely. Nothing cooked or altered in any way. She had no knowledge of the Raw Foods Lifestyle, or awareness that there were others on the path already!  It was only after she started the journey and began to research it on the internet and in the library did EJ discover how much there was to learn!

It has been a tremendous adventure! There is so much to learn! It can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.  EJ prefers to keep it simple. 

People can benefit from EJ's services by having the convenience of healthy meals, prepared specifically for their taste and nutritional needs, ready for then to eat in their fridge.

As a nutritional specialist, lifestyle coach and educator, EJ can provide the information and tools necessary for clients to make their life more healthy, vibrant and energizing.  She offers the support the clients are looking for when embarking on a new adventure and to get the results they are looking for.