Abounding Health, Naturally


Sharon Wiginton

Valley Center, KS



Hosea 4:6 --" My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge"

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made...." Psalm 139:14


Sharon encourages people that they can live in health and not be a slave to sickness and disease.  She specializes in working with people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Sharon has studied much, mostly in the area of cancer, what it is, how it starts, etc. She loves to educate people about cancer in particular.  She has worked with people in leading them through the fear of being diagnosed with cancer along with educating them about cancer and what they need to do to get well and stay well.  She also works with families in just helping them to understand true nutrition and how to make changes.

Sharon's strengths are in working with people who have just been diagnosed with cancer and also in working with families and how they can work the changes without feeling overwhelmed

Sharon feels the raw-vegan diet is a diet that celebrates the way God made our bodies to be in health when we eat the things He designed for us to eat. She feels God gave us the perfect diet in Genesis 1:29 ---fresh and raw fruits and nuts and seeds. Then He added fresh and raw vegetables later in Genesis.  She feels when we claim this diet for health and celebrate that with gratefulness, we can live wonderfully healthy lives.


Sharon is available for educating on a one on one basis or by phone consultations in the Wichita area and its surrounding towns.

Contact Sharon at  johnwiginton@earthlink.net or 316-744-6203 /Cell Phone:  316-259-2148


Sharon's Bio


Sharon was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in February of 2004.  She truly believed God made our bodies to be in health, so instead of the traditional medical route, she opted for working with a Doctor who teaches nutrition for health and healing. Sharon has been cancer free for 3 years and can truly say she is also completely free of the fear of cancer.  Sharon is grateful to God for the healing and gives Him all praise and honor for the work He is doing in her life.



Sharon is certified as a  Raw Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Nutrition Specialist  through the Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education