Priscilla Palmer's Eden in the Raw


Naples, FL


Mission: To provide life style and healing services for folks who wish to transition to a raw living lifestyle.




Overview: Certified Raw Life Coach, Certified Raw Chef, Certified Raw Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Raw Personal Trainer with the loving energy of a Reiki Master (certified in 2002) and Shamanic Practitioner (certifications in 2004).  The focus of Eden in the Raw will be to assist individuals who wish to recover with the body's wisdom from dis-ease such as Allergies, Cancer, Candida, Fibromyalgia, Overweight, etc.  From a Shamanistic approach, I feel my assistance can be most beneficial to individuals with dis-eases that I have personally experienced myself.  All foods are prepared from organic foods on our almost 3 acre Naples property which is completely off the grid, and a smoke-free, chemical-free environment.  It truly is a Garden of Eden!  For more information: