Raw Essence

Martesa Young

Chicago, IL



Martesa has just started this lifestyle, but feels if she can do something to make a difference in someone's life, she will.  Her strengths are motivating others to adopt a raw lifestyle with her people skills. She has already inspired many and hope to continue to do so.  Although Martesa reaches out to anyone who needs help, her focus is the African American Community, because she feels there is a higher prevalence of diet related sicknesses.  Martesa feels many do not know about the raw/living foods lifestyle and her goal is to let it be known.  She feels people rely heavily on doctors, medications, and treatments without realizing that their body is the doctor they should be consulting.  Martesa believes problems in our body can be resolved with natural solutions, and that solution starts with our diet. 

Martesa' s is offering raw food information presentations (min. 10ppl)-Free, group raw food beginner cooking class- $35 (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), and raw food lifestyle consultations- $20 per hour.

To register for Martesa' s classes, presentations and raw lifestyle coaching contact her at rawrejuvenation@aol.com .


Martesa is certified with The Raw Vegan Network/ Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Food Chef, Lifestyle Coach, Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer.  She has also taken Raw Food Chef classes at Cousins Incredible Vitality in Chicago and Total Health Institute in Wheaton, IL.


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