Malinda Davis

Lebanon, OR

Currently, Malinda is assisting in two raw type classes.  Both  support the eating of raw foods.  Some of the students are mostly to high raw. One is called Get Healthy Stay Balanced, put out by Hallelujah Acres. One of her duties is to do half the un-cooking for this class. Malinda also attends an accountability class once a week.  In this class she also does a portion of un-cooking, shares recipes, information and support on staying raw, shares updated information on current health and diet events (i.e. meat cloning or laws on product labeling etc.).

Malinda is very good with people. She currently works with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Malinda also believes that because of her past experiences and the struggle she had overcoming her food addictions and obesity, she can relate to, understand and help others with similar problems. Malinda chose to go into this field to be able to help others on their raw journey.  Currently she advises others in the practice of raw eating and juicing. She also creates and shares favorite recipes. 

People can benefit from Malinda's services through raw food information, recipes, cooking and support. She can and will help anyone who is willing to make changes in their lives.  Malinda finds that support is one of the key components to a successful raw life.

Malinda is available in Lebanon, Sweet Home, Albany, Corvallis, Brownsville, Scio, Philomath, Stayton, OR.  She is available by phone or in person for consultations, coaching, recipes, un-cooking demonstrations, etc.

Malinda's Bio

For information on her classes, feel free to contact Malinda at .

Malinda is certified with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Chef , Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist.