Derek Locker


Dallas, Texas





  Derek is certified as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Personal Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Nutrition Specialist.  He is also a Certified Life coach and Teen Mentor.  After going 100 percent raw, Derek has experienced the difference between partially raw and completely raw and says; "With Raw and Living foods there IS a difference between 99% and 100% raw".  He LIVES the lifestyle so he can teach the lifestyle. Derek does not consider working with you "work", he believes it is more like living the lifestyle and promoting a healthy lifestyle 24/7.

Derek is eager to help in any way possible.  Although he lives in the Dallas, Texas metroplex area he can be available where ever you need him  He can be your live-in or traveling raw chef or personal trainer.  Need help in your raw food restaurant or at a raw food retreat?  Contact Derek!!!

(Derek Locker  is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education (E.I.L.F.E.) as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Personal Trainer)


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