To Heal Thy Health

Jody Scholtz

Kasota, MN

(Jody is available in the Southern MN area, known as Mankato, as well as the Metro area's in Minneapolis and St Paul)


" He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything"


Jody is doing day retreats at her farm  where she has a little cabin on the lake where 3 or 4 people can spend time with classes, trails to enjoy walking, a workout area  with equipment, and a kitchen set up for raw food  demo's.


Jody hosts classes once a month on the second Tuesday @ 6.30 pm for an hour at the Hope Interfaith Center, which is a non profit organization located in Mankato, MN at 114 Pohl Rd. She asks a $5.00 donation for these classes. The topics are:  Raw Food , Benefits of Coconuts, Sprouting, Juicing, Detoxing With Live Foods, Eco Friendly Tips and Dehydrating.


Jody is also available for phone consultations. Feel free to call her at  507.340.4062


Jody is a great juicer, which is what she started doing before raw food, and  still does on a daily basis.


Jody is certified through Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Chef , Raw Lifestyle, Coach Raw Nutrition Specialist  and Raw Personal Fitness Trainer,.