The Road Less Traveled

the raw food way is a journey on a road to good health

Denise Cherry

Clarksburg, MD


 Some people think that you have to be a "health nut" to enjoy and appreciate raw foods as a way to good health.  Denise believes that you can start your journey with a goal in mind.  Her goal is 80-100 percent raw, but in all actuality she is even sometimes 50 percent. What is important is the journey as well as the goal. Denise has spent years of yo yo dieting. She still struggles, but raw foods are helping her to gain control.  Denise caters to people who are like her, struggling with raw foods, but appreciate the knowledge of its power. 


Are you struggling with living a healthy lifestyle?

Are you needing help in learning more about the raw food journey?

Come walk the road with Denise as she travels the Road Less Traveled.


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Denise is certified with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Nutrition Specialist, and Raw Food Chef.