Cara Hammond

Holladay, UT

(available in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas like Park City and Provo)



Cara is a Raw Chef and Lifestyle Coach available for consultations with people interested in starting with a healthier lifestyle and moving towards a raw diet, helping them with transitions, grocery shopping, meal planning, recipes, tips, etc. She is also available for phone consultations. Call or text her at  808 298 1034 or drop her an email.

People can benefit from Cara's services because she can teach them how to become healthier through a better diet and can give them information on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. She is very friendly and understanding. Her strengths are motivating people by communicating about the benefits of raw food and how healthy it is. She likes to prepare raw foods and share yummy recipes.

Cara got interested in the diet while working at a health food store. At the time she was already a vegan and started reading tons of raw books and got completely into it and went 100% raw overnight.



Cara is certified as a Raw Chef and Raw Lifestyle Coach with The Raw Vegan Network.