Beth Ward

Alto, GA


Beth has a small herbal medicine/alternative health school in a rural town in the mountains of north Georgia where she holds herbal and alternative medicine classes. She also holds raw food support groups and potluck meals, works with clients individually, and teaches groups of people.

While working on her herbal certification through the School of Natural Healing, Beth became familiar with eating a raw diet. She has always been very conscientious of her diet, so this new concept was very easy for her to accept. She started including more and more raw foods into her diet, but was not interested in eating "totally raw" because she really enjoyed cooking. She hadn't yet learned that eating raw offered a great creative outlet and was so much fun to do!!   Gradually Beth's diet became about 75 to 80  percent raw until she decided that the health benefits would increase if she ate totally raw. 

Beth sees clients on a daily basis when they come to her for alternative advice for their medical problems. She is obviously not a doctor, but merely consults with clients and has quite a success rate for reversing their symptoms. She incorporates her own success with raw foods as an example of how the program works. She works with many clients who have very serious health conditions and coaches them to eat a totally raw diet as part of their healing process. 


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