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“Living on live foods”


Amber Alfano

Saginaw, Michigan, USA



“Begin to change the person you are into

 the person you know you have the potential

 to become.”

                                                                             ---Amber Alfano


 It’s pretty simple, really.  Junk in - junk out.  But most of us need help to “get the junk (food) out.” 


The pathway to better health is simply better nutrition---and more exercise.  But this path can be confusing without expert guidance and a professional plan. 


Given the seemingly contradictory reports on nutrition in the media it is easy to wonder: 


What should I eat? 

I’ve heard of raw foods, but what the heck are they? 

How can they help? 

How do they work?

How do I start? 

Who can help me?


That’s why Michigan’s Amber Alfano “life’s calling” is to teach everyone to understand and adopt the life-changing, health-changing advantages a raw food diet. 

“In an era of obesity and poor heath in America, everyone knows that they should eat better---but many do not have the tools, knowledge, clear-headed information and tactical leadership to transition successfully to more raw foods,” says Amber. 


“It’s more than mind-numbing willpower, fad diets or ‘miracle diet’ pills advertised late night on TV,” says Amber.  “Good nutrition is about skilled coaching, great tasting raw recipes and demonstrating that the more raw foods are historically the best diet for mankind.”  They taste great, too!


The successful transition to more raw foods is simple---but, new and seemingly exotic---to most people.  And that’s why Amber’s teaching approach and resources are so timely, comforting and important.


Jump start


No calorie counting. 

No gram counting. 

No portion control.

No depravation.


Amber’s Jump Start program teaches the basics of why non-cooked foods often retain more of their nutritional properties; how to organize your live-food kitchen; what to buy raw foods and---most importantly, delicious beginner’s recipes.


You will also begin the development of a personalized live-food diet plan and addressing a variety of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle issues.



 More than the basics…

 After the basics, Amber’s catalog of super-tasting recipes and nutritional expertise will have you feeling stronger, healthier and sharper than you have in years. 


With this newfound vigor, Amber can supply support and ongoing education that will enhance your life, health and welfare via phone, email or personal consultation.






Restaurant consultant

Raw food coaching

Menu development

Raw Food Personal Trainer




1       Certified Raw Food Nutritionist

2       Raw Food Chef

3       Certified Lifestyle Coach

4       Living Foods Educator



Contact information:


Amber Alfano

 (989)239-1509 phone

(989)781-9696 fax





Amber is certified as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Personal Trainer with  Ekaya Institute of Living Education and has a Raw Food Chef Certification and The Living On Live Food Certification Program from Alissa Cohen.